Are you a Digital Hoarder?

Many organizers will suggest to clients how have too many files, paperwork, CD’s, DVD’s and photos to digitize the information and put it on their computer, iPad, Ipod, MP3 player.  Before you continue to save everything sort through it and keep what you need and love.  Here is a great article on this subject,



What does a Professional Organizer Do?

Perhaps you are familiar with the Professional Organizer industry but maybe you have a lot of questions you would like answered.  Professional Organizers in Canada was established about 12 years ago and the NAPO the American organization is about 25 years old. Most Professional Organizers have their own business and specialized areas of organizing .  This article will help you to understand the many business models used in our industry.

Office Organizing – Before

Office Organizing – After


Photo Organizing Options

I am a Personal Photo Organizer.  There are many different situations involving photos.  Some people may have photos stored all over their computer then Picasso can help you locate and organize them.  Some people may wish to share photos on a secure system with a limited number of selected people.  Try Linea.  Others are dealing with boxes of paper photos wishing to have them digitized.  Playbooks and Ipads have scrapbooking software so you can take pictures and organize right away.  Here is another way to organize your photos.’m%20an%20organizing%20junkie!)   Don’t forget you can hire a photo organizer by going to for a directory of organizers.