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5 Things Professional Organizers are Looking for When We Work with You

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Getting your mind into the right S.P.A.C.E.

  • If you are worried about working with a Professional Organizer this article can reassure you that we only want to help you get your Mind in the right place to get your things in the right space.…

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Virtual Organizing maybe the Solution to your S.P.A.C.E.

  For clients who wish to do the “hands on “organizing themselves I offer support services through virtual organizing.  In order to keep the process simple only one room will be discussed at a time.  There will be an initial session cost for each room to be organized.

Initial Session

The initial session costs $25.00.  It consists of an intake conversation over the phone or Skype or e-mail lasting about 15 minutes.  It is followed by or at the same time, sharing with me a visual look at the space to be organized.  The client can e-mail me pictures or can show me the space over Skype.  If the client wishes, they can send me a description of their challenges.  I will e-mail a plan of action to the client.  After the client has studied the plan a question and answer conversation will occur to clarify the plan and establish a timeline for the project. This session will last about 15 minutes. Once a timeline has been established for the project one of two options may be selected.

Option 1

The client will work on the project and will e-mail me pictures or set up a Skype call as needed to help them solve problems, clarify the next step, receive storage suggestions or donation and recycling information.  This system works well for people who manage their time well and are motivated to get the job done.  The cost of option 1 is $5.00 for each consultation requested by the client.  A retainer of $25.00 is paid in addition to the initial session cost at the beginning of the job.  Additional retainers can be purchased as needed.

Option 2

The client will e-mail me the day and time they will be working on the job.  I will e-mail, Skype, text or call each hour to see what assistance they need in order to successfully complete the work scheduled for that day.  This systems works well for people who are easily distracted or procrastinate in getting the space organized. The cost of option 2 is $5.00 / hour.  For example if the client is planning to work from 12:00-3:00 on the job then I will contact them at 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 and the cost of the session in $15.00.  A retainer of $25.00 is paid in addition to the initial session cost at the beginning of the job.  Additional retainers can be purchased as needed.

Storage Solutions

Organizing Challenges Unraveled – Storage Solutions

On the  People in Connection Internet TV show, I discussed Organizing Challenges Unraveled – Storage Solutions. When you are short of storage space in a specific area, there are many products on the market that can give you more.

There are a number of over the door hanging products found in stores such as Walmart and Zellers.  There are over the door hooks to use for hanging coats, clothes, towels, purses, belts as well as over the door rings for hanging tea towels, hand towels and paper towels.  There also is a great product that has 5 pockets /shelves that are about 6” deep, which could hold shoes, office supplies or laundry supplies.   Using over the door hanging products makes installation easy and quick and you don’t need to put holes in your walls.

There are magnetic products that can be used to make storage space on metal appliances such as your refrigerator, filing cabinet or washing machine.  One is a rack with 3 slots to hold papers, magazines etc and a filing pocket to hold file folders.  They are available at office supply stores like Staples.

There are unlikely places in the home that can be turned into great storage areas.  Under the staircase can be lined with cedar to become a storage area for clothes or bedding.  It can be fitted with a bar to hang clothes or shelves for storing containers.

Using pieces of furniture is a great way to make additional storage spaces.  A simple chest of drawers can be used in an entrance way to store hats, mitts, pets’ leashes, keys etc.  An antique dining room buffet with drawers can be used to store CDs and DVDs.  Two drawer filing cabinets can be used as a night table in a child’s bedroom holding books and toys and later used for school work as the child matures.

When you need to make space to store items think outside the box, many spaces can be used to creatively and attractively store the things you need and love.

Valentine’s Day according to a Trained Professional Organizer

Every organizer likes to be organized and help other people to be organized.  Happy Valentine’s Day

Great Valentine's Ideas

Let’s get organized


Recycling and Donating

Organizing Challenges Unraveled – Recycling and Donating

It was my pleasure to be on People in Connection Internet TV.  The mystery that was unraveled concerned where to recycle and donate items once you have decluttered your space.

OES Ontario Electronic Stewardship

If you are looking for locations to recycle your computers, TV, printers, fax machines, etc., this website will help you find a location near you.

Highlight Consumer/Retailers then click on Recycle your electronic

Go to the bottom of the page and type in the name of your city in Ontario and it will give you a list of locations


If you have books you would like to donate, libraries and used bookstores may take them.  There is a new organization that is able to put books into prisons.  It is call Books to Bars.  It is dedicated to promoting literacy, creativity and functionality in correctional facilities.


Clothing can be donated to women’s shelter as well as Salvation Army, Value Village, New Horizons Store on James St, Hamilton ON. There is a children’s store that is called Once Apon a Child and a teen and young adult store called Plato located at Guelph Line and Upper Middle Road, Burlington ON.  They are not consignment stores.  You bring in your clothes and they buy it (what they want) on the spot and give you the money right away.

Building Supplies

Habitat for Humanity Restores will take building supplies.  Call ahead to see if they need the items that you wish to donate.

Antique Stores

Some antique stores will take window frames, furniture etc.  I have an artist that is looking for  antique items to use in her craft business.  Contact

Decore on a Dime

This store is located in Hamilton, ON and will take some stylish home furnishings on consignment.

Orange Drop

Check out this website to learn locations to drop off your corrosive, flammable, explosive and toxic items.

Single Use Batteries

Rechargeable batteries can be dropped off with your electronics but they will not take single use batteries.  Try contacting your local stores to see if they are a collection depot for single use batteries.

Rona Cashway

Best Buy Canada

The Source

Please go to  and click on the links page for more ideas about recycling and donating good used items.  If you have and questions or other great recycling and donating ideas click on the contact page, I’d love to hear from you.

Time Management for Children

  •  like to develop a weekly agenda page for each child in the family.  They have their own page posted on the refrigerator or bulletin board.  At the beginning of each week, I record all their activities, music lessons, group activities, sports, etc.  I also record their special activities at school so they remember to bring library looks, physical education clothing, and musical instruments.  It also includes any chores that they have to do around the house.  If you prepare it on the computer, many things don’t change from week to week and you can add the new things for that week by hand or before you print it.  The children will add to the page tests and projects that have been assigned at school.  Before they can play or watch TV they have to complete everything on their list.  If you start this habit for them when they are young, it teaches them how to organize their time.  You will be helping to instill in them a habit that will last them a life time.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Library books Physical education Class trip   violin
Practice piano Girl Guides Collect garbage Skating  Birthday Party at Susie’s
Set table Empty dishwasher