How to Get Organized

10 Quick Tips to you get organized

1. Set aside a specific time and stick to your plan.  Schedule blocks of time anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours until the project is done.

Use a cabinet to give your items a home. Glass doors make it easy to see what you have stored.

2. Set the mood to keep your spirits up.

3. Take care of your body by eating well and drinking lots of water.

4. Start small, one area at a time, “inch by inch things are a cinch”

5. Put items in their proper place, like with like.

6. Stay focused, work in one area at a times and don’t leave the room.

7. Open mail daily.

8. File papers weekly.

9. Put new things away the day you receive them.

10. Purchase things only if you know what you will use it for and where you are going to put it.


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