Photo Organizing


Many people have photos in boxes just waiting to have time to organize them.  This cold winter weather maybe just the right time for you.

As you look over the photos you may not be able to remember when you took the picture, the year or date.  Instead of organizng the photos chronologically think about using themes.  Sort your pictures into celebrations, vacations, family, friends, pets and homes etc.  Once you have your pictures grouped than you can decide if you want ot scan them, place them in boxes with dividers or scrapbook your photos.

Enjoy spending time with your memories or contact me to help you with the task.  I now offer photo organizing services.



How many Photos do I have?

Quick Tip: Estimating Photos from APPO

No need to count every photo in the box, especially if you are working with hundreds of printed photos for a job. Instead, use a ruler or a scale. Did you know 1 inch of printed photos stacked is about 100 photos? If you are estimating a shoebox packed full of printed photos, get your ruler out and measure the length of the box for a reasonable estimate of quantity. And 1000 photos weigh between 6 and 7 lbs, so set the tub of  photos on a scale instead!


Photo Organizing Options

I am a Personal Photo Organizer.  There are many different situations involving photos.  Some people may have photos stored all over their computer then Picasso can help you locate and organize them.  Some people may wish to share photos on a secure system with a limited number of selected people.  Try Linea.  Others are dealing with boxes of paper photos wishing to have them digitized.  Playbooks and Ipads have scrapbooking software so you can take pictures and organize right away.  Here is another way to organize your photos.’m%20an%20organizing%20junkie!)   Don’t forget you can hire a photo organizer by going to for a directory of organizers.