Moving a Student to School – Closet Organizing

Bring lots of hangers, you can never have enough.  It is a great way to make new friends by sharing the extra hangers.

Bring lots of hangers

Buy thin hangers because the closet space is limited

Use a second hanging bar to make more room in the closet

Use a second hanging bar to make more room in the closet

1. Store your clothes in the closet.  Double your hanging space by purchasing a lower hanging bar.  Add an extra shelf up high in the closet to store off-season items mitts, hats.

2. Under-bed storage containers are very helpful for sports equipment, food, laundry detergent, musical instruments, etc

3. Use vertical space to add more storage.  There are many types of carts with drawers which can be used to store school supplies, cosmetics, food etc.

4. Use the inside of the bedroom and closet doors to hang items.  Over-the-door rack and hook products accommodate coats, clothes, etc

Over the door hooks

Lots of hooks can be very useful

over door hooks

Use the space on the front and inside of the doors

5. There are many pocket style items that hang from the closet bar.  Buy one or a shelf for shoes to use to double the shoe space storage.

6. Make sure anything you buy is returnable because you won’t exactly what you need until you get there.



Filing Options

1. Traditional filing Cabinet

Filing cabinets come in many sizes and colours to suit your style

2. Binders – use binders and dividers to file papers for example, household bills, bank statements, warranties etc

This is a sample, change the titles to suit your system.

3 Rolling Crates/ File boxes on Wheels. – use hanging folders and file folders the advantage to this is you can take them to whatever room you want and the top is open so you can see the files easily.

Crates make your files portable

Crates on wheels make it easy to store away and then move close to your desk

4. Expandable files – use one for each category household bills and income tax, financial and insurance, warranties, 4 more one for each member of the family to store papers relating to them, report cards, immunization, passport and other documents, certificates etc

5. Magazine holders have a holder for each category of paper you need to file.

Magazine folders come in many colours.

Keep Clutter on the Run

Three Steps to Organizing

  • Consolidate items into groups
  • Containerize groups in sturdy, proper sized containers that are labelled
  • Condense items so you have the appropriate amount of items in each group

Follow Two Routines

  • Do four things in the morning
  • Do four things in the evening

Five Habits to Keep Clutter on the Run

  • If you get it out, put it away
  • Apply the 30 second rule – if it takes 30 seconds or less to do something, do it immediately
  • Follow the camping rule – leave the room the way your found it or better
  • Look, really look at your surroundings to see what is out of place
  • Use “little minute” to clean – those few minutes while you are waiting for someone, on hold on the phone, watching a pot boil
containers for organzing

Containers can be anything, this is a great way to use magazing holders in the kitchen

Tips for Storage Rooms

There are a number of questions to ask yourself before you purchase shelving for your storage room.

enclosed storage unit

stow your items behind doors

basement storage unit

open shelving unit                                                                                                                                                                


Do you like things displayed on open shelves or stowed behind closed doors?  This will help you determine if you want a cupboard or shelving.

Next measure the space.  You need to get storage that uses all the area and not buy storage that leaves some of the area unusable because one storage unit is too large and another storage unit can fit into the remaining space.

Next ask yourself, will you open a lid to put things into a container, will you reclose the top of a box?  If the answer is no then cut the flaps off the box or purchase containers without lids.  You want to make it as easy as possible to get the items into the correct box.

cardboard boxes

will you reclose the flaps
open crate

crate are great if you won’t put a lid on a container

Lastly ask yourself, if your bins are stacked will you unstack them to put something in the bottom container?  Will you restack the containers on the storage unit?  If your answer is no then buy large containers that fill the vertical space between the shelves so you can maximize your storage.  It is usually good to have two or three containers on each shelf.  One big got your storage units and bins.

  1. Store items you use frequently at eye level.
  2. Store heavy items on the bottom shelf
  3. Store items close to where you use them
  4. Store infrequently used items up high or in less accessible areas.

Trying to store hockey bags?  Try placing two shelving units that are 4 or 5 shelves high, with 24” or 36” deep shelves, one in front of the other and securely attach them together.   This will hold one bag per shelf with room to leave it open to air out and place some items on the shelf beside the bag to dry.

With the right shelves and bins it is easy to sort your items into categories, place them in a labeled container and locate them in your storage room.  Remember to keep only what you need and love.

Storage Solutions

Organizing Challenges Unraveled – Storage Solutions

On the  People in Connection Internet TV show, I discussed Organizing Challenges Unraveled – Storage Solutions. When you are short of storage space in a specific area, there are many products on the market that can give you more.

There are a number of over the door hanging products found in stores such as Walmart and Zellers.  There are over the door hooks to use for hanging coats, clothes, towels, purses, belts as well as over the door rings for hanging tea towels, hand towels and paper towels.  There also is a great product that has 5 pockets /shelves that are about 6” deep, which could hold shoes, office supplies or laundry supplies.   Using over the door hanging products makes installation easy and quick and you don’t need to put holes in your walls.

There are magnetic products that can be used to make storage space on metal appliances such as your refrigerator, filing cabinet or washing machine.  One is a rack with 3 slots to hold papers, magazines etc and a filing pocket to hold file folders.  They are available at office supply stores like Staples.

There are unlikely places in the home that can be turned into great storage areas.  Under the staircase can be lined with cedar to become a storage area for clothes or bedding.  It can be fitted with a bar to hang clothes or shelves for storing containers.

Using pieces of furniture is a great way to make additional storage spaces.  A simple chest of drawers can be used in an entrance way to store hats, mitts, pets’ leashes, keys etc.  An antique dining room buffet with drawers can be used to store CDs and DVDs.  Two drawer filing cabinets can be used as a night table in a child’s bedroom holding books and toys and later used for school work as the child matures.

When you need to make space to store items think outside the box, many spaces can be used to creatively and attractively store the things you need and love.